Industry-Focused IT Solutions

Empowering Industries with Innovative IT Solutions

NeoScript enables companies to transcend business complexities and tap into tangible results. We extend our expertise in the following domains:


With AI and automation at the forefront, automotive segments are keen to build all-powerful vehicles with enhanced vehicle-performance. At the same time, end-users want an improved user experience backed by smart-mobility options. With NeoScript's expertise, customers can meet both these requirements and more!

Our solutions for the automotive segment are robust and sustainable. We are also continually expanding our fleet of tools to solve real-world problems in real time.



From automating research and development workflows to keeping medical professionals motivated during their jobs- our unique solutions have been implemented by hospitals, medical, and wellness centers.

We help streamline healthcare workflows and compliance concerns with our multi-channel Technology solutions. Additionally, we personalize end-user experiences to maximize the ROI of our clients.



Are you looking for an application to track your supply chain fleet? Do you want to manage warehouses more efficiently? Either way, NeoScript is here to help!

We rely on real-time data models to help logistics organizations efficiently manage their supply chain fleet. Thanks to our granular algorithms, optimizing routes and maintaining fleets has never been easier.



We have developed powerful learning management systems, educational apps, and interactive online learning portals for several clients. With quick feedback, in-built learning management systems, and detailed evaluation reports our solutions have been widely adopted by students and teachers alike.

Unlike competitors, we focus on offering a personalized learning experience for each user to keep productivity levels at an all-time high and drive consistent engagement across multiple channels.



Construction agencies across the globe bank on our solutions for efficient project management and high collaboration. From building applications for construction management to introducing exclusive tools for 3D modeling- we have always leveraged the best technologies for the construction segment.

Our services have reduced process lead time by automating regular processes while also boosting the speed of the applications.



NeoScript boasts a select few clients in the Agritech sector who use our solutions for precision farming, crop status applications, and agricultural monitoring services powered by IOT and VR. As with the other areas of our business, we harness data for real-time actionable insights enabling our clients to take correct decisions within their domain.

Our Agritech solutions have helped farmers boost productivity and optimize resource utilization, paving the way for sustainable agricultural best practices.